The Burrnesha Archive investigates the memory of a vanishing cultural tradition in Northern Albania. The Burrnesha are women who have sworn a life-long oath of chastity and in doing so “become” men in terms of appearance, rights and social acceptance within Albanian culture. Few Burrnesha remain today as the traditional reasons for taking this oath have become increasingly obsolete in contemporary Albania. Details on the Burrnesha that existed and those that are still alive can only be found in traces, hidden or erased during an extreme Communist regime between 1945-1991.

The Burrnesha Archive is a record of three surviving Burrnesha. It takes the form of a 200-page novel that acts as an archive of both these three individuals’ collective memories, and also their implicit connection to the complex recent history of Albania. Memories are narrated through text and photography using the outward appearance of a recognizable novel structure. Yet this “photo-textual” novel reveals itself to the reader a chaotic and highly fragmented narrative that explores the intricate, interconnected and unstable nature of trying to communicate traumatic memory.

Awarded the Frøken Marie Månssons Travel Grant, Copenhagen 2016.

Extract available upon request.

In Development: documentary with Chloe White / Whalebone Films.